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Re: Guitarists playing bass. Not good, not good.

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Posted by Mickster on March 16, 2001 at 17:06:09:

In Reply to: Guitarists playing bass. Not good, not good. posted by Dave Wood on March 16, 2001 at 03:06:36:

: I was talking with a fellow bassist just recently and we were talking about how you can spot immediately if a guitarist is playing a bass. If somebody is really good with a guitar he naturally is quite good on bass but there's something that reveals that he's not a bassist. It lacks something really essential to bass playing. Am I making any sence?

: Dave Wood

I'm not trying to be a politician here, but, I agree with everything that everyone said, but, nobody metioned a sense of rhythm. While theory is super
important to good bass playing, without a fairly decent sense of rhythm, forget it! To the contrary, the more natural rhythm one has, and I believe this is
God given, the better a bass player you'll make. As Carol Kaye said a few months ago in a post at the basslessons page, bass is a completely different
animal from guitar, playing wise and in theory, and she plays both. I know I look at everything from a Jazz point of view, but how many of you guys could
play a walking line without drums, and just a vocalist? See what I mean? Without percussion, you are the rhythm, and a well played walking line says
everything about what you know about theory. Now before anyone tries to jump
all over me with my Jazz attitude, let me say for the record: I'm a good bass player, not a great one. My playing is miles behind my theory. There's so much in my head that just never makes it to my fingers. Hey, if it did, I'd be giving seminars. We're probably all in the same boat in that aspect. How many of you keep playing the stuff you're very familiar with over and over? That's a good show of hands, me too. To get back to the original topic, I think you can spot a wanna be bassist by their fingering style. I saw Sheryl Crow on some music show a few months ago and for one song she switched from guitar and came out with a beautiful Stingray. I almost puked when I saw her play: root, root,
a daring excursion to 4 then 5 then root, root... Plus she played with 1 1/2
fingers right hand(rarely used her middle finger) and no pinky on her left.
While playing a variety of intstruments is advisable, I think it's better to
be a Master of one trade rather than a jack of many. Just my pair o'pennies.


And speaking of o'pennies, A Happy St.Patrick's Day to everyone, and remember:
It makes no difference where your parents come from, or which Country you live
in, or the whether your skin is pale or melanin, On March 17th; WE"RE ALL IRISH!
Celabrate, but, call a cab!

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