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Re: Any suggestions for woods?? Im BUILDING my OWN BASS!!!

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Posted by jim on March 17, 2001 at 19:19:51:

In Reply to: Re: Any suggestions for woods?? Im BUILDING my OWN BASS!!! posted by Dave Rawlings on March 12, 2001 at 15:02:59:

: Rob,
: I too am an amateir builder. My first was a copy of my Ampeg clear body bass.
: I used alder for the body and it is a dream to work with! cuts, routers and
: sands beautifully! The bolt-on neck was maple with a Bocote fretless
: fingerboard. Weighed about 4 pounds!
: My second was an 8-string (4 strings doubled with octaves). It was a through-
: the-body fretless (all mine are) with alder body and maple and mahogony face.
: My third was a 6-string with alder body and Zebra wood face. Zebra wood is
: fine to work with but splinters very easily so is best with power tools. Mine
: had a lot of hand carving and was a bear to wor tht way. It also heavy.
: My latest is a 5-string with solid Bocote for the body wings. It has a
: laminated neck with 11 laminations of walnut and maple. I find that Pao Ferro
: is an excellent fingerboard material. it is hard and it has nice patterns. It
: also won't cost you a second mortgage like ebony would.
: For electronics, I generally use Carvin's H50N pickups. They are plenty hot
: and can be used either passive or active. Carvins active electronics are an
: excellent buy at $79 and work great. Fairly easy to solder everything together
: without burning a hole in the table!
: I use Gotoh tuners on everything! they are smaller than the standard
: elephant ear Fender types and come in black, chrome or gold.
: I like Schaller and Gotoh bridges but the new ones from Carvin are cool too.
: i also found a book called "Build your own electric guitar" to be very
: valuable. I think it's by a guy called Hickock (not sure) from England. It has
: charts on figuring fret spacing. Email me and I'll send you an Excel file that
: will figure fret spacing on ANY scale length you need.
: Hope this helps and not confuses.

Rob, I agree with dave. Carvin p-ups are HOT. Much signal. I also use Gotoh tuners and love them....Smooth action and quick string changes. Stewart MacDonald sells them (tuning machines) for right around $40/set. It's the best price I've found for them. Stew-Mac's # is 800-848-2273.(or
Anybody got advice for selling your hand-made basses? I have 2 finished ones and 1 more in the works. I'd like to start selling them but it's tough to get a decent price, since it's a "no-name". At this point, I won't take less than $850 for the first one and $1200 for the second. They're both fretless four stringers, the difference is in the p-ups and finish. Thanx in advance, I'll apreciate all input on this...

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