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Re: left hand technique

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Posted by Andy on March 21, 2001 at 02:51:01:

In Reply to: left hand technique posted by onebassboy on March 02, 2001 at 01:47:52:

: i'm looking for was to improve my left hand, at times i'm slow and miss everything, and other times i'm on the ball. i'm not consistent.

: suggestions???

: onebassboy
: <><

How about including left,righthand and timming all at the same time? Try playing ascending/desending chromatic scales.Play these notes on the E String F.F# G.G#.Playing and fretting each note one after the other.Starting with index finger on F,ending with pinky finger playing the G#.Think of it as fingering this pattern for the E.A.D.G Strings.So just finger starting on the first fret of the E string , E1.2.3.4.,A1.2.3.4.D1.2.3.4.,G1.2.3.4.Pick a tempo thats comfortable(better to start slow then work up from there).If you have a metronome,use that, if not, just tap your foot to a tempo thats comfortable to play at,each tap being a note fretted.(like playing 4 beats to a bar).Starting on F,play an ascending scale across all the strings and you will end up with your pinky finger on the note B ( Fret 4 of the G string).When changing from string to string,make the transition smooth by fretting the note of the next string before releasing the last note of the string your playing on.This takes a while to get the hold of but will make your playing much more fluid,not mechanical sounding .You will notice your left/righthand coordination improve too.Instead of streching fingers to reach strings,move your right hand fingers across the strings to play the notes,moving your fore arm back and forth over the strings.After getting the feel of this scale,try naming the notes as you play them.(this will help you to learn the notes on the fretboard). Try this,instead of counting in four(as there are four notes to a string in this scale,try counting off in odd numbers like 3,5,7,9.Again this may sound odd but will help with counting off time,improve fingering,moving across the strings smoothly and it will stretch your thinking.
Make up your own fingering patterns.thinking of the four frets as a block of notes,just change the patterns.For example,you could play E1.2.4. A1.3.4. D1.2.4 G1.3.4.Any combination will do.Don't forget to tap as you count.
This is really an exersize about fingering,not about scales or right notes.It's about experimenting being creative,streching your brain as well as your fingers and having fun.
You can and should move these patterns any where on the fretboard,they will work any where,helping you finger up/down the fretboard as well as across,and learning more notes.
It also makes a great warm -up exersize,help you to become more consistant.
You will also learn to create your own scale patterns,runs,licks ,whatever.
You might hear music you recognize and be able to figure it out.
Hope this helps.
Let your fingers do the walking and let your bass do the talking!

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