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Re: les claypool... how does he do it?

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Posted by Blisshead on April 15, 2001 at 23:16:49:

In Reply to: Re: les claypool... how does he do it? posted by Datsgor on April 15, 2001 at 01:15:45:

: Look, I dont mean to be harsh but, i am going to be. I have been playing for 21 years and whatever style I have is because that's what style I have. I never set out to study a particular bassists' style and I never set out to copy anybody. I never understood why someone would spend so much time copying a style as to have it become part of their "style" to a point as to be identified as "hey, that guy sounds like Flea" or "that guy sounds like Claypool". Now, with that said, i have been told that I sound just like Les Claypool when I play some original songs. I used to blow it off, but lately i have been getting rather pissed off. First of all, I know who Les Claypool is, but I have in no way copied anything he has done. In fact, i have never heard any Primus albuns to the point where they would start to influence me at all. So the question comes up. How can I sound like someone else unless I have stolen the "sound" or "style" they have. My answer is maybe Les heard ME playing somewhere and copied "my" style. I am not saying thats the way it went down, but I get too many references to a guy that I have never really heard....You figure it out. Before you all think that I am accusing Les of stealing my style...take a breath....all I am saying is that i have been playing this way alot of years before I ever heard of Les Claypool, alot of years after I already had my "style" developed, and yet now I get compared to Les Claypool. Actually, I find it quite annoying when I whip out a song I have been playing for 15 years and sombody says" Oh, cool, is that Primus?'. Look, I spent alot of years playing to Iron Maiden albums and Black Sabbath albums and many other grups I grew up with. I have been told that if Geezer Butler and Steve Harris were to get together and have a kid, that it would be me. I take that as a compliment because Geezer and Steve are my most inluential influences ever. What was the question? Don't mind me, i am just buzzed from a night of partying.....WAIT, I just went back and read what I wrote, andrealized that it really has nothing to do with anything......but that's ok, cause I feel that I can go ahead and post this drunken rant to you good people and know that you will not hold it against me, know that you will not think any less of me, know that I should just sign off and go to bed......which is what I think I will do...........One last thought...Don't worry about how les claypoll does it. Just be yourself on the bass and good things will follow. Les has his style and you, of coarse will have yours. Be free all. peace and good night. I am goint to go drink some water now. late......John

I understand your drunken rant and have had similar exp. with folks after live gigs. There is no good answer, I just try and remember that most people are just trying to be nice, even though the comment had the effect of irritating the hell out of me. I'm sure you know that though. Peace Datsgor. B

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