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Re: Overdrive pedals

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Posted by Milan on April 18, 2001 at 01:01:28:

In Reply to: Overdrive pedals posted by Pat Harrington on April 16, 2001 at 21:28:25:

: Hey All..

: Any suggestions for an overdrive pedal? I'm looking to "dirty-up"
: the high end of my 8-string Fernandes which is crossed over thru
: my WT-800 into a 212XLT. I'm looking for a warm tube type overdrive,
: not a buzz saw or metal distortion. Just a little warm filth. Something
: in pedal form, I don't want to start carrying a rack!

: Cheers,
: Pat H.

The Tech21 Bass Driver DI is indeed a versatile box! It can definitely be
a gig saver. There is always one in my cord/crud bag. My only gripe with it is
that amp/speaker emulation through another amp/speaker begins to have a
"pinched" midrange response that drives me nuts. This is never a problem
when using the box as a direct recording tool or PA feed. It only crops up when
playing through an amp(tube emulation through tubes....speaker emulation through
speakers). I suspect this is a product of phase distortion/modulation in the
emulation circuit.

My favorite overdive pedal for bass in general is the Fulltone Bassdrive. From
smooth grind, to screaming, about to blow up SVT....this box delivers.Another
cool overdrive for bass is the Dredgetone Angler(Bass version). It has a VERY
unique sound with no loss of low end whatsoever.

The 8-string bass poses an interesting challenge, however(I play Hamer 12 strings).
With these monsters, its good to be able to mix some dirt in with the clean, unaffected
sound. The Bass Driver DI lets you do this. Another box that does this very well is the
Voodoo Labs Sparkle drive. Imagine a TS-808 with a blendable boosted clean signal. Its
the one I use when I don't feel like dragging my SWR Interstellar Overdrive (THE BEST
BASS DISTORTION MACHINE!!!! imho)rack around.

Another thing, when using distortion with a bass, you will be best served by turning off
the tweeter/horn in your cabs. This is especially true with 8 & 12 string basses, as they
already have "tweeters" in the form of octave strings. Distortion will cause the horn to
amplify the jagged(distorted) highs in a most unpleasant way. Buzzsaw doesn't begin to
explain how nasty this can sound. This is why Marshall stacks don't have tweeters. In any
case, take the time to experiment, and decide what works best for you.

Good Luck!

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