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Posted by Dave Wood on April 26, 2001 at 05:08:16:

In Reply to: making it... posted by greg on April 25, 2001 at 12:11:36:

: Ok... I am sure this is a topic many of us are familar with, and I am looking
: for some insight into how to handle the situation.

>>>Definately is very familiar

: I play in an original band, the lead guitar player is the sole writer, some of the songs are very, very good
: and areof the caliber to get radio play, and some of the songs are basically
: just crap, loud, overdriven guitar solos, no changes, are the issues
: i am dealing with.

: 1) When the drummer and I tell him that some of his songs just don't groove,
: and that nobody wants to hear 5 minutes of a screeching guitar solo,
: he doesnt listen.

>>>>>I while ago we had just that problem. The guitarist did the songs and was always saying just how he wanted the drums and bass to play and the result was that the songs just didn't groove. So I pointed it out to him that if we're going to be a band we'll all play our own stuff and this way we'll sound a lot better cuz it goes without saying that the drummer can play the drums better than the guitarist can and the same goes for the bass. So to songs that didn't groove we added a bit of a funky touch and that worked wonders, now the guitarist admits that the songs do sound better.

: 2) His constant talk of making it drives us up a wall...

>>>>>He's got to get his inspiration from somewhere. You can take it a little humorously, play along a bit; YEAH we're gonna make it.

: 3) His constant complaints that we (me and the drummer) are not contributing
: enough practice time (right now two nights a week for 3-4 hours), and that
: we should be over there more are driving us up a wall.

>>>>>It's good to have specific days when you play. This way he won't be dissapointed too often when trying to get a practise day and you'll be able to get days that are OK to you. Of course you might have this already.

:for the record, the
: drummer and i work and have other responsibilites ranging from family to prior
: musical commitmants, while the guitar player does nothing else but write and play,
: and the singer is mentally ill and does not work so has all the free time in the world.

: Bassically, the guy just does not listen, and does not realize the fact that
: we are all in our 30's with other commitments in life...argghhhh...sorry guys,
: but i just had to vent..

>>>>>If he wants to say what everybody does then he should hire a back up band who are paid to shut up, smile and play what ever the boss wants. If he wants a real band, he should listen to others, cuz no band lasts for too long if the relationships don't work.

Dave Wood

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