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Posted by Francis X. on May 05, 2001 at 00:26:32:

In Reply to: Re: making it... posted by Francis X. on May 05, 2001 at 00:11:37:

: : Ok... I am sure this is a topic many of us are familar with, and I am looking

: : for some insight into how to handle the situation. I play in an original band,

: : the lead guitar player is the sole writer, some of the songs are very, very good

: : and areof the caliber to get radio play, and some of the songs are basically

: : just crap, loud, overdriven guitar solos, no changes, are the issues

: : i am dealing with.

: : 1) When the drummer and I tell him that some of his songs just don't groove,

: : and that nobody wants to hear 5 minutes of a screeching guitar solo,

: : he doesnt listen.

Dear Greg:

I am in a similar situation and can sympathize. Sorry to say,if GuitarGod doesn't realize by his own wits that he is not a musician,but a musical

masturbator,no one can. Tape an entire practice session and play it back for him;maybe that will tip him off as to his over-indulgence. As a general principle of the cosmic,the more one talks about and relishes "Making It",the farther away it becomes. I had a very successful local(Brooklyn,NY)jazz-rock trio in the 70's. We made more money on Fri/Sat that I was making weekly as a printer working 40hrs/wk. My GuitarGod busted us up because we were holding him back fro "making it". I quit music in 1978 over it. I recently learned that my GuitarGod(same age as me,49)IS STILL AT IT-Loser! He barely makes a living. Stay away from pathetic losers. piece of mind is priceless;GuitarGods you can find on any Saturday at the local guitar shop.

Francis X.Urso

: : 2) His constant talk of making it drives us up a wall...

: : 3) His constant complaints that we (me and the drummer) are not contributing

: : enough practice time (right now two nights a week for 3-4 hours), and that

: : we should be over there more are driving us up a wall. for the record, the

: : drummer and i work and have other responsibilites ranging from family to prior

: : musical commitmants, while the guitar player does nothing else but write and play,

: : and the singer is mentally ill and does not work so has all the free time in the world.

: : Bassically, the guy just does not listen, and does not realize the fact that

: : we are all in our 30's with other commitments in life...argghhhh...sorry guys,

: : but i just had to vent..

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