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Posted by scott on May 21, 2001 at 08:10:05:

In Reply to: Bass Rig posted by hmjuice on May 19, 2001 at 07:34:15:

: I've got the new gear bug again. It seems to bite every couple of years for some reason. I'm selling my current rig and rebuiling. Much of this is due to the addition of some new styles of playing. I currently have an Eden WT-800 with a 210xlt and an SWR 2x12 (older version w/Bag End 12's) and I play several different 5 string (Warwick Dolphin, TRB 5 II, MPG 5). The Eden is not as versital because it either has to be bridged the whole time at 8 ohms or stereo 4 ohms. If I run on cab its not as efficient and it gets hot and sometimes cuts out during longer jams. With both cabs it sounds great because of the bi-amp capability but you don't get the true power output. I play in 3 different projects (both in style and sound) and its like a job resetting the amp and cabs for each. Is there something out there that will make this easier?? Please help
IP;ease don't let the email fool you--I was a bass player first--I have the same rig you do, with the exception of 2-Tech 2X12"CT2000s'. they are 8 ohms.I need more info-----what don't you like(more specific)and have you just tried running not biamped, but mono?I spoke to David Eden, and Scott Ambush(of Spyrogyra)who uses the WT800(mine is a WT500 upgraded) and he seems to run it bridged mono ALL the time with speakers in parallel.David Eden says you CAN do that,but be careful about the attack(slapping can get you into thermal shutdown, but it will not PERMANENTLY harm your amp)I also experience a weird power loss when I run both sides mono, and when I said that to Dave he told me to check to see if my speakers were in phase.Put in a 1/4" speaker cord into one of your speakers. On the other end hold a 9 volt battery with the pos. end on the END of the exposed 1/4" jack.Hold it where the neg. pole of the 9 volt is on the sleeve of the cable.Each time you do this,your speaker should move OUT,not in.If it goes OUT, your speaker is out of phase.I checked mine,both were in phase.Thats when I decided to start bridging MONO(careful)and running my speakers parallel.Also have your gain up tothe point where a thumb attack on the "E" string hard will make the limit light come on most of the time--then back off a hair.Then bring your master up appropriately.If you have done all of this--sorry.If you haven't, and do, and STILL don't have enough power,then re-gear.

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