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Re: amp digital presets?

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Posted by Deman on May 23, 2001 at 13:36:28:

In Reply to: amp digital presets? posted by shockley on May 23, 2001 at 10:30:22:

The Roland DB-500 and DB-700 each have a digital preset. i have the 500, and am very pleased w/ it. It has two memories, but you can do three, because you can use the actual current settings of the controls as a third. footswitchable, and very nice...COSM preamp...all goodies. I also use a rackmount effect unit called the Nightbass by ART. It has 300 presets, and all fottswitchable w/ a ART Ultrafoot pedal, or any midi pedal. Currently, I'm looking to sell all of my gear (DB-500, ART Nightbass, Matching Ultrafoot pedal (14 buttons, 2 exp. pedals), A Korg G5 Bass synth and possibly my mitchell subwoofer cab 18" w/ the Peavey CS-200 power amp that I use to bi0-map from the nightbass) and i want to get a Peavey BAM 210 'cause I'm leaving for college, and I need a more compact rig. Anyone interested in this gear; Email me;


: Does anyone know if there are any existing amps (combo's, ampheads, ect) that have digital presets for sound settings? I am constantly changing the settings on my amp to fit the sound i want at the time....which usually goes along with the kind of music I am playing at the time. The main two settings I switch beetween is one for "funk", a really treble-ee, round, kind of rough edged sound....I guess it kind of sounds like "flea"'s sound, but not nearly of that quality. The other setting I use is...somewhat of a more ordinary sound, kind of plain, more soft...very bass-ee with little highs and even less mids. I cant stand playing reggae, and some rock/pop with very high, "funk settings". An matter what format, would be great with digital preset sound settings, If one wants a particular sound, they can set the sound settings the way they want them, store the settings, and be able to get that amp sound anytime they want. I think part of the reason i spend my time messing around with my amp settings is because of the low quality of my equip. I have a 10 inch 50 watt (i think..) ibanez combo amp, and a Squire P-bass special. I think if I had a better bass, maybe I could change the tone settings on the bass to accomadate the sound that I want at the time. Also, the main reason I dont like to play different music with the same settings, is because when the treble on my amp is set high, there is alot of really horrible sounds, really scratchy, alot of distorted noises, and u can hear every little detail of my playing such as my thumb accidentally scraping a string. So..... maybe I just need higher quality equip, but an amp with digital sound pre settings would be GREAT! peace, scott

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