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Re: Humidity and Bass necks

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Posted by El Pájaro on May 31, 2001 at 09:38:24:

In Reply to: Humidity and Bass necks posted by Blisshead on May 31, 2001 at 08:07:19:

: I was in Mexico recently, in Cancun during their jazz-fest week. Most of the bassist's I saw there (humid climate) had graphite necks. (I saw some amazing bass work, BTW) I was wondering if this was due to the humidity or did I randomly choose to go see groups that happened to have a bassist who favors graphite? El Pajaro, I seem to remember you mentioning something about this before, but I can't remember what you wrote. Just curious. Thanks -B

Hey there Bliss,
Never been to Cancun myself (too bad...! I've heard great things about it), which actually is a longer way from home for me than it is for you (I'm assuming you live in the U.S.).
Consequently, I don't have an idea about how the weather is in there, but if you go to a different place and see a lot of bassists playing graphite neck axes, maybe it's not just a coincidence.
What happened to me is pretty simple, actually. The weather in my area (Buenos Aires, Argentina) changes quite drastically and is pretty humid most part of the year. In these conditions, my wooden neck basses used to suffer -a lot. Many local bassists don't care about it and don't mind tweaking a truss rod every once in a while, but in my case it drove me nuts, especially with my previous axe, which seemed to be particularly sensitive to this problem.
Then, the idea of owning a bass that wouldn't need once single neck adjustment EVER started to appeal me a great deal. Not too long after that, I stumbled upon the bass I own now, a beautiful Modulus VJ4. Not only it has all the benefits of neck stability, but it is also the best sounding and smoothest playing axe I ever put my hands on to. I have a really hard time trying to put it down sometimes.
Well, that's about it. Buena suerte and keep your basses way up front in the mix,

El Pájaro

P.S.: ...lucky you! Cancun! I bet you enjoyed a great beach time and drooled over some beautiful seńoritas over there, didn't you?

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