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Re: ugly band situations

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Posted by hmjuice on June 06, 2001 at 10:39:59:

In Reply to: ugly band situations posted by greg on June 06, 2001 at 06:52:26:

: ok, here we go...lets share some ugly band situation stories, (Hopefully there are not many of them).. I just left the band I was playing in for over a year after the guitar player and I had one more argument, over a chord progression.

: Me: Hey Mark, I think something isn't right, can we play that progression together" just us? (the tune is learn to fly, it is fairly new, i think by stone temple pilots)

: guitar player: f*&k you, I know I'm right, your the one who has it wrong...

: me: but I think that might be a B, not an E..

: guitar player: (yelling), f&*k you, I know the difference between an E and a B, I know i am f*(king right, if I say it is g*dd*&n E than it's an E and your gonna play it that way...

: drummer: let's listen to the tape...(I play with the tape, bass part matches note for note)

: guitar player: (yelling and redfaced) look da@nit, i know the difference between an E and a B, and your gonna play it that way...

: At this point I grab my stuff and leave...I thought music was supposed to be fun? :(

: sorry guys but i just had to vent, anyone have similar stories?

I was in alternative rock band for over a year and even though it wasn't really my style the drummer and I locked in some cool Sound Garden type grooves so that kept it smooth for a while. Until the lead singer/rhythm guitar decided that the band not only had to sound like "TOOL" but we also had to look like them. I show up to our rehearsal room and my 2 Eden 4x10's are painted a florescent yellow, blue and green. Needless to say we went to blows and I through his Les Paul into his Mesa,Dual Rectifier.

In the end it was for the best because now I'm in a much better band that plays some great music and I wouldn't be hear if that other project worked out. There's always a bright side....


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