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Posted by Zach on July 11, 2001 at 16:36:35:

In Reply to: Re: Stage Rigs posted by Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger on July 11, 2001 at 08:22:47:

Hey all,

I'm also in an oldies cover band, and although most times I am permitted to bring my own rig onto the stage, there are times where I'll be stuck with a P.O.S. Fender or Gallien-Krueger rig....hell, I was even forced to plug into a Marshall guitar stack in Pueblo, CO. Talk about the most gawd-awful sound on the face of the western world. For a while after that, I was pretty insistant about bringing my own 4x10 SWR rig on stage at every show. But there are times when I just won't have time to do that.

That's kinda why I decided to buy an effects pedalboard. On this pedalboard, I have a signal switcher (so I can switch between my main bass and an upright), my two effects (an EBS octaver and envelope filter), and a Yamaha Nathan East NE1 Parametric Equalizer. That Nathan East Equalizer is definitely a blessing. When using a stage rig provided for me, I usually run the signal directly from the NE1 into a direct box to the mains, and then use the extra output on the DI box to run it to the stage rig. That way, even if the stage rig sounds like shit, at least the sound coming out of the mains and monitors will sound nice and clean. This also saves the time of me bringing my own rig onto a stage. All I do is bring a nice, small, portable pedalboard.

And when I do get to use my own rig onstage, it sounds even sweeter, because I use the DI signal from my SWR SM-500.

So you might want to investigate something like that. The NE1 is definitely cool, but like Bob said, you might also want to check out the POD, SansAmp, or even the new Aguilar direct box. Use your own amp whenever you can though. That at least takes the guesswork out of your tone.

Happy playing!

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