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Re: Hartke v Ashdown Engineering Bass Amps

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Posted by hmjuice on July 25, 2001 at 12:06:52:

In Reply to: Re: Hartke v Ashdown Engineering Bass Amps posted by Gary Atkinson on July 25, 2001 at 06:48:13:

: : : Im currently playing a 2115 200 watt hartke combo but am soon upgrading to a full rig , im torn between a hartke 3000 head with 4 x 10 cab and a 1 x15 cab or a new ashdown abm 900 head with the same speaker configuration, whats every ones view on the two systems which is better?

: : : Does anyone play ashdowns what do the think of them?

: : Hey Gary, what's up? I don't own a Hartke or Ashdown, but, I've played just about every Hartke amp(in store)many times, and, I've played the two Ashdown

: : Electric Blue combos a few times also. If I had to choose between the two, I'd

: : go with the Ashdown. It has a warmer more traditional tone than the Hartke, which while good sounding has more of a modern hard type sound. The Ashdowns to me sound close to Ampeg amps, though not identical. In fact, Ashdowns sound kind of like 70% Ampeg, 10% Hartke and 20% their own sound. Between the two combos which are both 130 watts, one with a 12, the other with a 15, I liked the 12 better. To me it just sounded tighter. Hartke is a very good amp, you obviously know that from owning one, but, the Ashdowns are a nice change of pace. If I were getting a new amp, it would be an Ashdown.

: : Mickster

: Thanx for the input think i will go with the ash down maybe the mag400 combo with a 4 x 10 underneath which i tried this morning, it had so much headroom and a slightly more modern sound .

I've owned the ABM 900 and it rocked. I ran it to a 4x10 and 1x15. Never needed to push it past half on the gain. Ashdown is made by the guy that that started Trace Elliot and then sold it to Gibson. The power rating as very conservative. If it says 400watts RMS that's the bottom of the rating. It will definitly do a lot more than that. I sold mine becase I didn't have a need for that type of power after the rock band was done. I've used Eden, SWR, Trace and Hartke, for my money it would be the Ashdown. They even made the first power sections for the Euphonic Audio IAMP and that's one of the cleanest sounds around. Well that's my 2cents. Good luck with the gear. If your looking for a good deal you may want to check out Bass Northwest. They do a lot of online business and they have a ton of Ashdown stuff.


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