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Re: i need help with my sound

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Posted by Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger on August 26, 2001 at 06:33:18:

In Reply to: i need help with my sound posted by phil on August 25, 2001 at 18:32:21:

: hi,can any one help me with my sound,i always have a shit sound and i always change my strings after about 2/3 weeks.

How can you *afford* to change your strings that often? ;-) (This from someone who has *never* bought a bass string in his life, but just boils them suckers every once in awhile)

: i dont think its my gear i use a mesa boogie 400+ top with a trace 4x10 and 1x15,i use a warwick thumb 5 thru neck and a musicman fretless,or is it my gear,any ideas on eq settings,i have a trace qudravalve and this sounds crap i need 2 buy new gear?all my gear is less than 2 years old..please help..when i turn up the volume it distorts or i get high end feedback...this happens with the boogie or the trace..
: what can i do please help>>thanks

You *shouldn't* be having problems with either of those amps or basses, to be honest. The equipment is fine; you probably just need to get it dialed in correctly.

First, how high do you have the volume when it starts distorting/feeding back? The easy answer is to turn it down; I get the feeling that you might be overdriving the input on your amp somehow.

Are you using a high or low input on the amp? Some amps - not all, though - have an input that attenuates the signal somewhat; if your amp has one, try using that and see if it still distorts.

If you have both a gain control (channel volume) and a master volume, use the gain while you're setting your tone, then use the master to control the output level.

To get the tone dialed in, you want to have all the EQ set flat; no boost, no cut. Don't have the volume up all that high, just enough for a comfortable listening level. Start playing, and compare the tone you've got with what you want. If you need more low end, add it a *little* bit at a time; a little goes a *long* way with tone controls! Same with the high end; just add EQ *gradually*.

Mainly, though, you just have to take some time to get to know your amp; get used to how the EQ, etc., affects the tone at different settings. Once you do, you shouldn't have too much problem.

Hope that helps! Let me know how it works out, ok?


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