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Re: How do I ; alter my trush rod and clean my pickups ?

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Posted by Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger on August 29, 2001 at 08:51:23:

In Reply to: How do I ; alter my trush rod and clean my pickups ? posted by A on August 28, 2001 at 14:41:59:

: I need to know how to alter my trush rod.

It's actually a "truss rod", unless you over-tighten it and trash it; *then*, you can call it a "trush" rod (trashed truss rod). ;-)

: When I bought some new strings I made a huge mistake. I took my old strings off and went and did some other stuff before I returned to my bass and put the new strings on. I must have left my bass for about four hours with no strings on it. Now my strings sound really tinny and i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact they are new. Leaving my bass with no strings on has definatly done something to the neck, I think that the trush rod needs adjusting.

Leaving the strings off for only 4 hours shouldn't hurt the neck; assuming that you used the same gauge strings, you shouldn't need to adjust the truss rod at all.

New strings will usually sound *very* bright, simply because they're new. It's not uncommon to have a *significant* difference in tone when you put on a new set of strings, and if you're not used to it (and sometimes, even if you *are*), it can be surprising.

Does your neck need adjustment? Probably not; you might want to sight down the neck to make sure, though.

What you need to do is to hold your bass so that the end of the headstock is resting on your cheek. Move it around until you're looking straight down the neck, towards the end of the bass, and your line of sight is right along the fretboard. The neck should have a *little* bit of bow to it (so that the midsection of the strings can vibrate without hitting the frets); there shouldn't be any twist along the edges of the fretboard, either.

You can also use a yardstick (a steel rule is more accurate) to measure how level the neck is; just lay it along the frets (but not the nut), and you'll have a good idea of how healthy the neck is. :-)

: The problem is that I have always gotten a friend of mine to alter the trush rod for me, and he is on holiday right now. To add to the problem, I am practicing with my band tomorrow evening and I need this bass desperatly. I'm going to have to alter he trush rod my self, but how do I do it? My bass is an Aria Pro 2 IGB-68 if thats any help.

I'd recommend that you not try adjusting the truss rod unless your neck is *really* out of true; just play it for awhile, let the strings settle in, and you should be fine. :-)

Trust me on this.

: Also, my bass has humbucker pickups (I don't know their proper name), the kind that are used on a music man stingray bass. The exposed metal parts on the pickup have turned a murky brown colour. How do I clean them and get them clean and shiny?

That would depend on what the murky brown color is from. It could be rust, or just some discoloration from something like sweat, etc.

Here's a quick little fix: get a pen that has an eraser on it (a pencil eraser will work, too, but pen erasers are more sturdy), then just use the eraser on the metal parts like you'd erase a pen mark (make sure that any crumbs don't get into anything).


: Any help would really be appreciated

Hope that helps!


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