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Re: 5-string: How much do you have to spend to get a convincing...

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Posted by Mickster on September 17, 2001 at 14:31:15:

In Reply to: 5-string: How much do you have to spend to get a convincing... posted by David McKinney on September 17, 2001 at 01:12:17:

: B-string sound, where the sustain and tone quality are consistent with the other strings on the bass, not dead or flabby?

: Cheaper is better. Can you please recommend specific axes? Thanks!

Dave, one bass I highly recommend is the Ibanez BTB405QM. It has a 35" scale, which gives it an absolute killer B string. It's got active electronics and can produce a variety of bass tones, from Jazz bass like to P-bass, and a lot in between. I have played every BTB model, except the six string, and they're all excellent basses. It should run you about $700.00 w/case, knock off $100.00 if you want to delay getting the case 'till later. Another bass I've heard a lot of people rave about is the MTD Kingston. I haven't played one or heard one live yet, but a few people whose opinion I can trust said it too has a killer B string. It also has a 35" scale like the BTB, but, unlike the BTB has only one pickup* and has passive electronics. They're about $500.00 w/o case at Musiciansfriend. Those are the only two 5 strings I know of with uncompromising B strings that are reasonably priced. Others that you might want to check out are: The Yamaha RBX765A. It's a 34" scale bass with active electronics that sounds awesome. This would run about $580.00 w/o a case. Another Yamaha to check out is the BBN5II. Passive pickups, looks and feels very much like a 5 string Fender Jazz bass, and has very growly pickups. Very quiet too. I just bought one of these in June. It set me back $520.00 With the case. You can't beat this thing it sounds great. O.K. the B string isn't quite as tight as on the BTB, but, it doesn't ruin the overall sound. That's all I can tell you about right now.

Good luck in whatever you buy.
P.S. * About the Kingston or any other bass having only one pickup: Don't let this stop you. While two pups give you more versatility, some of the best basses have only one pickup. For example The Fender P-bass, The Epi Jack Casady, and the absolutely amazing sounding Musicman Stingrays.(and Sterlings)

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