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Re: musical identity crisis

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Posted by Mickster on September 20, 2001 at 16:28:10:

In Reply to: musical identity crisis posted by A on September 17, 2001 at 14:29:41:

: I recently started to really worry about where i'm going with my bass. I haven't been playing long (around two years) but I don't feel that i've found my own style, or much of a sound.

: I have kind of got a sound; A ton of bass, a little middle to brighten up the higher strings and that's about it.

: As regards to my style well it's pretty simple, i don't pop, slap, tap or hammer, I just pull on the strings. I don't play jazz or soul or anything, I like to play a lot of classic rock, a bit of heavy metal and lot of punk.

: I'm stuck in a rut where i've progressed from simply playing root notes, but I always end a song by messing around with octaves and I don't have my own hand crafted style because I don't write a lot of my own songs, I just play other peoples songs and play their style rather then my own.

: How do I find my own style ? I've looked on a lot of sites on the internet but i've not really found an answer other then to learn a load of music theory and I don't like to get stuck into technical books, i just like to play. I have a "who cares if i don't know what an arpagio is just as long as the music rocks and i'm having a good time" attitude. I play because it's fun and I have a good time playing with my friends, not because I want to make a proffesion out of it.

: What do I do now ?

: Plus, does anybody have any tips on how to end songs? I always slide up or down an octave or just let a note ring.

Good advice by everyone. I have to agree with Spurious though. A, you really should try to learn some theory, without it you can only go so far and no further. You don't have to study it for years, but, even the basics will help so much. One alternative you can try is to get some bass method books with CD. Even if you never learn to read music, just listening to it will give you some ideas. As for your style, don't worry about it. It will come with time. DO NOT try to rush this. The fact that you might think you don't sound like anyone else is a good indication that you are developing your own style. It sounds as though you're starting to hit "The wall" a period we all go through when we're either not advancing as fast as we would like, or not at all. It might sound strange, but, even putting the bass down for a few days or weeks can give you a whole new approach when you pick it up again. One last thing: try playing some music you can't stand. This will expand your frame of reference like you wouldn't believe. Above all, NEVER GIVE UP!


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