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Re: blowing drivers

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Posted by Rob on November 14, 2001 at 18:53:40:

In Reply to: Re: blowing drivers posted by Toby Meyer on November 08, 2001 at 08:49:30:

: : : : Help! I have a Crate BT-350 head, and a set of ADA basslines cabs. I especially love the 2x10 cab, but it has a 15 inch sub that goes with it.

: : : : I keep blowing my speakers annually (Just after the reconing warranty has expired. Go Figure!) and want to know if any one has any suggestions, either in EQ, or accessories to extend the life of these cabs.
: : : : I intend to buy new and better stuff, so save those "Trash that junk" comments, but I can't get new toys if I keep having to spend money fixing the old ones!
: : : : suggestions? Any body?

: : : Hey there,
: : : judging from your description, yours might be a case of impedance mismatch. You don't provide the specs for the amp head or the cabinets or wether you connected in parallel or series, but I know several musicians who blew the hell of out their speakers because of improper matching of their rigs. Check your amp/cabs literature and/or back panels to make sure your connections are correct. Overloading a cab or set of cabs could be the source of your problems, and it's easily fixable with the right connections. Buena suerte and keep your bass up front in the mix,

: : : El Pájaro

: : Oh. Sorry. Cabs are 8 ohm, head is rated at 200w@8 ohms, 350@4 ohms. My problems seem to start when hooking up cabs in parallel. First I lose Bass response, thus adding more Eq,
: : then I gotta turn up gain to achieve same SPL. This is over months BTW. Then, Blown drivers. I use the 2x10 the most, so it usually blows first. If it matters, I am playing avg 3 nights a week, and my style is Marcus-like (but not that good).
: : I try for low stage volume and let the PA work but I am playing with blasters. The times i play outside my regular situation, More blasters!!! That is when I blow up stuff most.Don't you hate loud drummers?

: As long as both cabs have 8Ohms and the amp can handle 4Ohms, this shouldn't be a problem...
: Compressors and/or limiters could be helpful.

: Toby Meyer

I hate loud drummers! Loud guitar players too, especially those who think it's cool to turn up the bass on their Marshall stacks to 11!!
Anyway, what's the wattage rating on your 2X10? Remember - two 8 ohm cabs in parallel give you four ohms, so your amp will be pushing 350 watts - make sure the 2x10 can handle 175 watts.
Finally, check the connections on your two speakers; the problem you're describing sounds alot like your speakers are out of phase.

Good Luck


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