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Re: History of electric bass

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Posted by trent ( on April 28, 2004 at 00:14:28:

In Reply to: Re: History of electric bass posted by anonymouse on November 11, 2002 at 12:09:15:

: For all practical purposes, Leo Fender is the father of the electric bass GUITAR. There were other ideas like Ampeg's electric upright, but they weren't the commercial success that the Fender was.

: Why?

: 1) With the electric, You could now hear the bass (instead of the barely audible thup, thump of the unamplified upright).

: 2) The electric bass was a heck of a lot easier to learn and to play since it more closely resembled a guitar than a Cello with a pituitary condition.

: 3) The electric bass was a lot easier to carry around than an upright.

: 4) The electric bass was capable of tonal properties well suited for the emerging pop, C&W and rock & Roll styles.

: btw, Monk montgomery saw all these advantages and was playing great jazz on electric by 1954

: In slightly over 50 years, the electric bass guitar supplanted the upright as the default meaning for the word "bass". RIght into the 80's, people in the music industry used the word "Fender Bass" when they meant electric bass (sort of like Xerox when you mean photocopy). And up until the late eighties, if you walked into the studio with anything but a FenderPrecision or Jazz bass, the producer and engineer would pull you off to the side for a little chat.

: I see a slight trend for professional bass players to double on both instruments. As a generalization, upright players dominate all of classical music, much of jazz except the newer smmoth variety, and bluegrass. Electric is the first choice everywhere else.

: I double on both - the upright is a lot of money upfront, doesnt travel well and you have to keep working at it to stay in shape, but the bass tone is lovely, just like a classical guitar is to a strat. I also use a fretless with roundwounds. Other guys use a Clevinger or other electric upright.

: Hope you get an A on your report.

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