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Re: Amp crackling, part 2.

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Posted by Rob ( on March 26, 2002 at 00:17:31:

In Reply to: Re: Amp crackling, part 2. posted by Eyx on March 24, 2002 at 09:11:26:

: Yep. Tried all that. I guess I'll just have to bring it all back, and hope that the problem happens while I play the equipment for them at g.c. If not, I might be stuck with a lemon head/cab.

: Heh. I've even tried playing the cab with the volume set down real low, and the problem still persists, so hopefully they'll trade in this gear for me.

: One question, although, just to be 100% sure:

: Could the problem be that I have a television in the same room as the amp? I really doubt this is the problem -- I turned the TV off, and none of my other amps ever reacted like this, even ones closer to the TV. Of course, you can never be too safe, so I might as well ask.

: Thanks!

I don't see how having a TV in the same room could affect your rig. One more extremely stupid question - Have you tried a different power cord? If so, Never Mind.

Good Luck,


: : Sorry the last round didn't solve the problem. You've probably done this, but be sure you've tried a different speaker cable and using a different output jack on the amp head if you have one, as well as trying a different cord from your bass to the amp.
: : After you've done all that, if it still doesn't solve the problem, I 'd suggest you bring the g.d. thing back or exchange it for something that works.

: : Just my two cents.

: : Good Luck,

: : Rob

: : : Soooo... This has been a nightmare, heh.

: : : Nonetheless, I originally thought the the problem was the input, thanks to everyone here. Sooo... I bring the cab head down to the store, we try it out on a cab, and it works fine. PERFECT. I bring it back home, and sure enough, after about 10 minutes of playing, the output will quiet down so that it nearly unhearible, and then the sound with also crackle. I checked all the wires -- Nothing wrong there. Changed the battery for my active pickups. That isn't the problem. Tried all the different inputs and outputs on both the cab, AND the head. No go. I still get the problem no matter what I do.

: : : Next, I decide to move any other equipment I have farther away from the cab. This doesn't work, neither. I think that it may be the electricity, so I try it on a different outlet. This doesn't work neither..

: : : So, since the head worked perfect when I brought it to get tested out, could the problem actually be the cab itself? What do you recommend I do? Will guitar center even replace the equipment, since I bought it over a week ago?

: : : Thanks again! You guys are great... By the way, here's the equipment I have, because no one wants to go dig up my old post. ;)

: : : Ampeg cab 400W,
: : : Crate head BXH-220,
: : : with a Yamaha TRB bass.

: : : Thanks!

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