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Re: "dirty" bass amps?

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Posted by Michel Leclerc ( on May 02, 2002 at 13:33:45:

In Reply to: "dirty" bass amps? posted by mike barrett on April 29, 2002 at 21:10:34:

: I've been looking for my first "big" bass amp for gigging (death metal) and every amp I've tried so far has been too clean/hi-fi sounding. these include various head/cab rigs by Hartke, Eden, SWR, Peavey, and Fender. I play aggressive fingerstyle (no pick) and I'm wanting a really warm, fat, and punchy tone with a touch of dirt. not over-the-top overdrive, just some grindage when I dig into the strings. (make any sense? heh)

: are all-tube bass heads like Ampeg and Mesa/Boogie my best bet? (I haven't found a dealer close by for either brand)

: now what I've been using for home practice is a little Ampeg 1x12 tranny combo and I front it with a ProCo Rat pedal set for a very low dist level. it's a tad noisy, but I do like the tone. but I need some *serious* volume and cut to compete against two loud guitarists and a double-bass drummer in our band.

: should I just keep the Rat and use it with a bigger amp?

: thanks!!!!!!!
: mb
Hi there! Yes You should try an SVT with 8 X 10" but they are fragile & heavy to log around. I personnally use an Eden WT600 bridged mono with an Eden D410XLT cab. believe me it's got loud dirty punch & clarity. The trick is to drive your preamp as hi as it will go & take out the compression, you'll get dirt i guarantee it. Have fun in your quest...

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