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Re: A few questions.

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Posted by Twisted ( on May 07, 2002 at 08:31:22:

In Reply to: A few questions. posted by Ey on March 06, 2002 at 23:45:29:

: First off, I just want some advice on adjusting a truss rod. The sixth fret on the G string has almost no sustain, and it's bothering me. I'm not great with neck adjustments, although, and I have trouble knowing whether my action is good, or if the neck is set at a good level, so any advise would be great.

: Also, I just recently got offered a position in a band. I've been playing for 3 years, so I'm not exactly horrible, but I'm rather timid of accepting the offer. The band already has a demo made up, and they want me to learn the existing basslines. While with work I'm sure I could do it, it all seems rather intimidating, especially since I'd like to be in the band. Anyone have advise?

: Thanks.

At the time I'm writing this you've probably made your mind up about the band. I went through the same thing, joining an original band with the songs already written. It is difficult at the start but with practise anything is possible (heaps of practice at home and with the band).

Now for the truss rod. First thing loosen the strings right off, it makes it easier later if you still leave the end of the strings wrapped around the machine heads. Turning the nut clockwise will pull the neck back towards you in the normal playing position, anti-clockwise will push it away. So it depends what your bass needs. Dont turn the nut too much you don't want to snap the rod. Some where between a quarter and a half turn is a good starting point, if that's not enough or you've gone the wrong way you can adjust it again. I use a big T-square to check the ammount I've moved the neck, hold the T-square down near the 17th to 20th frets because the change will occur around the first to 5th frets . Now the tedious part is that you can't tell whether you've got it right until you have all the strings on and tune them up to where you normally play. Because the string tension makes the neck bow slightly. And you have to play every note on every string to make sure theres no fretbuzz, if there is buzz the strings are too low. I had to adjust mine and re-tighten the strings quite a few times to get it right. But it's worth it. My basses action is now as good if not better than any new ones I see in the shops.

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