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Re: Help with tone and clipping

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Posted by Mik Walker ( on May 13, 2002 at 20:08:34:

In Reply to: Re: Help with tone and clipping posted by Rob on March 01, 2002 at 13:24:52:

By "clipping" you presumably mean the sound is getting distorted at some point? The Demeter has no input or output metering. Does the amp have input or output metering?

As has been suggested, try backing off the Demeter level radically. When I checked out the Demeter I was running the input at maybe 25 to 30% of maximum (around 9 or 10 o'clock). Start with it at a low setting then gardually increase it until you start to notice clipping. Back it off to just before the point where clipping occurs on your loudest notes.

If your power amp has level controls use those to control the overall loudness of the rig. The preamp level should just be used to get the right amount of drive to the power amp.

You should definitely use the unbalanced 1/4" output to your power amp. This will be at line level. The balanced XLR provides a mic level balanced output suitable for feeding into a mixing board mic input (for recording, as you have already used it).

The sound you get recording from the XLR is what the bass plus the Demeter are producing for you. Differences between that and your rig are caused by the power amp and speaker combination.

First things first, get the levels backed down on the preamp. You may find getting sensible level into (and therefore out of) the preamp brings the overall sound more under control - it may even take away that "raspiness" you mention.

Also, don't be afraid of having to move the controls to what you consider extreme positions to get a good sound. That's what they're there for, in part as a creative tool with which to shape your sound, but also to enable you to overcome shortcomings in your other gear or, indeed, to try and achieve the sound you hear in your head.

As has been suggested, a single 15 might not necessarily be an ideal sole speaker. I prefer a combination of 10s and 15s, plus some kind of high end compression driver (or tweeter at least).

I dunno the RMX amps, have heard Bag End stuff is good (does the 15" cab have a tweeter and is it working okay?) and I know the Demeter is excellent.

Worth experimenting with the cab port open and closed. Again, it's there for a reason. Generally, open, it ought to provide an extended low end response. The settings you are using on the tone controls imply the rig is sounding toppy and bass-light. Try opening up the port.

Hope this helps


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