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more errors... too tired now

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Posted by Dave Wood ( on May 28, 2002 at 07:15:01:

In Reply to: spelling error... thou it doesn't really matter, does it? posted by Dave Wood on May 28, 2002 at 07:12:24:

And I even accidentially put my spelling error message in the wrong place. Like that wouldn't be enough I'm probably going to mess it up even more with this message...

Dave Wood

: You are oviously not a sound but you have a sound:
: "could it be that YOU'RE=your sound is..."

: Me again
: Dave Wood

: : As you have active pick-ups, could it be that you're sound is coming too hard from your bass into your combo. Considering its a Hartke there probably is a active input but incase there isn't that might be the problem.

: : Don't be offended now but I have to point out just to make sure: It isn't just the frets that are ratling, is it?

: : Ok, ok, no help here this time, but I tried, didn't I?! :)

: : Dave Wood

: : : I am having a problem with my Hartke 2115 Combo where I get distortion when I play B flat and sometimes when I play A flat (only on these notes). I play a Tobias Killer B with Bartolini active pickups and a Toby Pro with active EMG's. I have tested and eliminated the possibility of the distortion coming from my basses, batteries, cables, or from the pre-amp tube in the amp. I am wondering if any Hartke users have experienced a similar problem with this combo (and if so, how/if you solved it!). Thanks much!

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