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Re: my question rephrased....

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Posted by Mario ( on July 19, 2002 at 03:44:26:

In Reply to: my question rephrased.... posted by Joe on July 18, 2002 at 20:22:13:

Hi Joe,

I was so fascinated by the question you posed, I decided to conduct a test of my own (you know, to analyze that which one does naturally...) and here is what I found out: strumming the bass is not impossible. It's a matter of practice and knowing how to mute the strings on both ends of the bass. In other words, sometimes the fingers on your left hand (assume you are right handed) will press/release-mute while the left hand (really) stays relatively in place (and not travel WAY way past the strings...) so that the palm of your left hand (specifically the region known as the "Hypothenar Eminenace"...) is used to mute (on and off) one or more strings...
In my test, I noticed that I typically strummed two open strings with no muting and a third with muting. I strummed as if playing a mandolin...arm stays relatively in place while the wrist rocks back and forth...kind of like a humming bird... they fly point to point, but the wings are beating at a fast rate. I am not sure what is achieved by doing it a-la-Pete-Townsend...other than theatrics. In the final analysis, it's how it sounds. Speaking of is the sample I made today:

: hi again, I recently posted about "strumming" a bass. perhaps I phrased my question wrong.

: what I'm wondering is what technique is used to rapidly play notes with one's right hand going way past the strings and back again (as if strumming).

: I see punk bass players do this all the time. but I can't figure it out (I am very new to bass).

: I can't imagine that they lower their hand to the string at just the right moment as their hand passes by.
: strumming is not what I meant because I am talking about just playing one-note at a time.
: also, muting the strings you don't want to hear, but strumming all of them just sounds bad. so that can't be it either!

: help me out if you can.

: thanks in advance!

: -Joe

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