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Re: Need help with Fretless Jazz setup

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Posted by Mario ( on July 19, 2002 at 04:18:17:

In Reply to: Re: Need help with Fretless Jazz setup posted by Rob on July 18, 2002 at 22:56:57:

Also, (and I apologize if this is redundant or old news...)I recommend adjusting the action using the bridge AFTER adjusting the neck. The truss rod is to adjust the curvature of the neck which is typically checked by pressing the first fret and the one that is closet to where the body meets the neck, and seeing if you have an ever so slight curvature in the middle (the neck should have a subtle bow to it). So, by default, when checking the neck, you're overriding the action by virtue of the fact you are pressing the frets. (I know we're dealing with a fretless here...there is therefore room for error given that is Fretless and we tend to rely on the Vibrato a lot to nail a note) Logically, your adjustment of the neck can be done regardless of what the action is like. However, after that is done, adjust the height of each string via the bridge hardware as your preference, THEN, check/ adjust your intonation. After that, it's only a matter of adjusting the neck (sometimes, and depending on environmental factors, the strings will feel harder and higher, or, lower and looser...which will require only a tad adjusment via the truss trimming a rudder using tabs...the main adjustment is done with the yoke. The tiny adjustments, with the trim. In this example, the truss rod is the trim.

: Hey, Joe!

: If there's still resistance when turn the adjusting nut, there's probably no permanent damage. Most likely, you're getting back bow. Carefully loosen the truss rod to about where you think it was when you started. As you loosen it, the strings should lose their stiffness, and the neck should straighten out. When I do a truss rod adjustment, I always give it about a half turn in one direction; if it gets worse, I return it to the original position, and turn it the other way. When it gets better, I'll turn it a little more and it's fine.
: Hope this works for you.

: Good Luck,

: Rob

: : Hello, all,

: : I recently tried to do my own setup on my MIM standard fretless Jazz. I fear I may have damaged the instrument while adjusting the truss rod. I've got a lot of buzz now and the action is pretty high. Tightening it seems to not be effective in dropping the action. Anyone have any advice?

: : Thanks

: : Joe-

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