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Re: Cheese Burgers

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Posted by Tristan ( on October 23, 2002 at 04:23:14:

In Reply to: Re: What's the point of using a pick and trying to sound like finger style? posted by paige on October 15, 2002 at 23:18:28:

: : This is fairly pointless IMO. I rarely use a pick but if I did it would be because it is easier to palm mute with a pick than finger style. Picking near the neck gets rid of the click but makes it increasingly arkward to palm mute.

: The point is simply this:
: It's a technique - period - another technique. Many players prefer to use a pick, over fingers. I prefer Cheeseburgers over Bacon Burgers at Burger King - but I don't slam those who prefer Bacon Burgers over my sandwich of choice. If you don't like to use a pick - cool. I am just tired of hearing punks flippantly say "Picks suck - and players who use them suck - real players use fingers blah blah blah...."
: I have played over thirty years and use both a pick AND my fingers. Tell Steve Swallow he sucks... tell Carol Kaye she sucks as a player.... regardles of whether or not you like the style of music they play, they are giants in this industry, and they definitely do NOT suck. And they only use picks - and they do NOT slam finger style players.
: That's my whole point, my friend.
: Paige

I Haven't said any bass players suck, and definantely not any studio musicians, however I may be of the opinion that one bassist is better than another but how they strike the strings won't come into my calculations. I am not against the pick sound, the point I was trying to make was why try make a pick sound like finger style a pick should sound like a pick. The reason is this: I learnt a technique watching video footage of The Who live in concert. John Entwhistle (I'm sure you're aware) played primarily finger style, but when he wanted a harder edge sound he used the finger nail of his right index finger to get a pick like sound. I don't use this all the time but it's in my arsenal as they (I guess this means I'll have the burger with bacon and cheese).

It wouldn't worry me if plastic was never invented. Cars were better in the old days they lasted longer they're full of plastic these days and they're not made to last. I beleive natural is always better. As for putting peices of felt against the strings this is why I palm mute, it's easier to apply and remove during a song than felt. It's probably just a coincidence but everyone I've spoken about the subject prefered Cliff Burton (finger style) over Jason Newstead (pick) for Metallica. And the same goes for Pino Palladino over Carol Kaye. Also on Carol Kayes website she said she doesn't change strings, she just plays a bass for about two years then gets another one. I'm not slamming anyone here I'm just stating something she said on her own website.

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