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Re: What is the value of my bass?

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Posted by Bob ( on November 21, 2002 at 17:52:33:

In Reply to: What is the value of my bass? posted by oaklands4th on November 14, 2002 at 02:13:05:

It's hard to say what the value of an instrument is unless there is a high demand for it. All value is in this context is how much the typical buyer is willing to pay. Somebody could probably tell you how much a 70's Rickenbacker or Fender Jazz is worth but that is only because there is a large demand for these models generating a lot of sales and hence you can actually see what the typical buyer pays for these instruments by looking at the actual sales.

It sounds like you might have a Fender Mustang. I don't recall there being anything particurly noteworthy about these save their short scale which is great for short bass players - no disrespect to short scale or short players intended, I played a short scale base myself for many years and I'm not even short. Unless your bass is vintage - 60's or earlier - I doubt it's worth more than 2 or 3 hundred dollars.

There is also something we can call collector's value. Certain individual instruments have a collector's value becuase they were played by Jaco, Entwistle, etc or because they are exceptionally rare. These sorts of instruments however generally aren't played, they're trophies in someone's home or business - or worse locked away in a climate controlled vault.

There's plenty more to to be said on the subject and I'm sure some of what I said will be disagreed with. In any case hopefully you get the basic idea.

The BOTTOM line: try and sell it, you're always free to turn down the offers you get.

Good luck


: I have a Fender bass with serial # 263364 on the back. It is a 4 string and is two tone wood grain. It is smallish for a bass, almost 6 string size. It is in very nice condition.
: I am also curious about the value of an all black leather Peavey soft case in great shape.
: Any info would be appreciated. If you need more specifics, please, let me know and I will provide if possible.
: Thank-you.

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