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Re: "dirty" bass amps?

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Posted by Vinnie Detroit ( on December 21, 2002 at 16:22:52:

In Reply to: Re: "dirty" bass amps? posted by Twisted on May 03, 2002 at 01:58:21:

: : I've been looking for my first "big" bass amp for gigging (death metal) and every amp I've tried so far has been too clean/hi-fi sounding. these include various head/cab rigs by Hartke, Eden, SWR, Peavey, and Fender. I play aggressive fingerstyle (no pick) and I'm wanting a really warm, fat, and punchy tone with a touch of dirt. not over-the-top overdrive, just some grindage when I dig into the strings. (make any sense? heh)
are you ready for this?! one o these just fell into my lap a while ago, and I fugured I'd just use it for a practice amp. Hell brother its my main gig amp now. If you can get you hands one of these old solid state classics, you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm talking about an old(circa 1980)Traynor monobloc II . Holy shit, it JAMS!!!

: : are all-tube bass heads like Ampeg and Mesa/Boogie my best bet? (I haven't found a dealer close by for either brand)

: : now what I've been using for home practice is a little Ampeg 1x12 tranny combo and I front it with a ProCo Rat pedal set for a very low dist level. it's a tad noisy, but I do like the tone. but I need some *serious* volume and cut to compete against two loud guitarists and a double-bass drummer in our band.

: : should I just keep the Rat and use it with a bigger amp?

: : thanks!!!!!!!
: : mb

: :I use an SWR SM900 (heaps of volume and no unwanted noises), as someone else said you turn the gain on the tube pre-amp up, then you only need minimal volume on the solid state power amp which gives you much more of a tube sound. I too have spent years working on finger style bass, but I have found that a pick and most importantly palm muting is the key to playing real heavy distorted tones. I still alternate between pick and finger-style depending on whether I'm using the distortion or not. I recommend trying the pick with palm mutants which is undoubtably what your guitarists are doing (trust me the axe men will be impressed with how much better it all fits together).

: Twisted.

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