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Re: how the hell do i play very fast?

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Posted by anonymouse ( on January 19, 2003 at 21:39:55:

In Reply to: how the hell do i play very fast? posted by playing very slow on January 15, 2003 at 10:27:09:

: oh.... i play so slow =( I need to get faster, any advice?

Hi Dude, I teach a few students bass and wanted to drop in with my $0.02. worth. Also, I am studying imtermediate piano at college, so I know how it feels to learn a new instrument.

A good teacher even for a few lessons could give you some pointers that would save you a lot of time (and maybe having to unlearn bad habits).

Getting fast is a result of practice. Here are a few ideas to make you practice easier and more productive.

1) It's not "Practice makes perfect" but "Perfect Practice makes perfect". In other words, whatever it is you are practicing needs to be done at slow enough speed so you can play it right without any glitches. Even if its a crawl speed. Otherwise, you are just memorizing your mistakes and this will seriously slow you down.

2) Scales and exercises are real helpful material. Pay attention how both your right and left hand work together when you play. A lot of times, my students have bad habits in the right hand, which they need to unlearn. The idea is to be able to make the right hand function automatically, repetitively. If you are playing finger style, practice just the alternating the right had fingers
especially when crossing over strings

3) Get a metronome. Set the metronome at the slowest speed you can play the piece at smoothly and confidently in beat with the metronome.

4) When you have that down, crank the metronome up a few bpm. If you were playing it at 60 bpm, crank it up to 72 bpm. If you cant keep up, slow it down!. If you can play it in the groove with no glitches, crank the speed up.

5) Each time you practice, try to get to a speed just below where you lose it and hold it there.

6) Repeat this exercise daily. After a week, you will be amazed by the results.

On piano, it is not unusual for me to start off a exercise (like Czerny speed crunchers) at 40 bpm and work at getting every note fingered perfect. Once I have the fingering down, I can zip up to 180 BPM after two or three practice sessions (but speed isnt everything, ya know).

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