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Re: MI based established Christian alt/rock band seeks bassist

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Posted by Alex ( on February 10, 2003 at 10:42:51:

In Reply to: Re: MI based established Christian alt/rock band seeks bassist posted by paige on September 21, 2002 at 19:51:42:

Ok...wait a second...I think you're right. I suddenly have this spontaneous urge to go smoke some crack and listen korn (really original music!...talented guys too). What are we Christians thinking wanting to live a moral life dedicated to something other than ourselves?! Hell, why not just go out, screw whoever we want, mess with other peoples lives and emotions, drug ourselves out and drink ourselves into a grave and then blame our "difficult lives" on an "unloving God" that "I dont believe exists".

Speaking of which, name just 5 well-known christian bands (excluding POD, Blindside, and any other well-known MTV'ers) and tell me what they sound like and why they suck.

Secondly, give me a thorough description of Christianity, or is it YOU who is the ignorant one?

Thirdly, if those influences suck, why are they signed instead of digging around on musician post boards telling the christian posters about how they suck?

Fourthly, "Your" is spelled "Y-O-U-R" (not "ur"). "Though" is spelled "T-H-O-U-G-H" (not "tho"). If you want to play the "Christians are ignorant" game, start by using correct spelling and good grammer. It will help you to look more intelligent than you are.

Finally, next time you go bashing on someone, come prepared with more than the typical "youre a dumbhead and you suck because you're dumb!" Why not go to every extent to study history and use the evidence to disprove christianity? ...unless you think you might be wrong? Slinging moronic 5-year-old remarks is fun and all, but it doesnt necessarily make you right and the other guy wrong.

: : ur influences suck a dead donkeys does christian rock.

: And you, my friend, are just about as ignorant as they get. Thanks for the laugh, tho...

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