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Re: Ibanez 3006ESOL VS Peavey Cirrus 6.

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Posted by Nicolas P ( on February 11, 2003 at 09:05:49:

In Reply to: Ibanez 3006ESOL VS Peavey Cirrus 6. posted by Steve on February 09, 2003 at 23:26:49:

: Hello Friends:

: I've been looking to step into a nice new bass guitar. A 6 String. I currently own a 4 String Ernie Ball Stingray, 5 String Warwick Thumb Bolt on, an Ibanez Fretless, and a Fender P-Bass. After playing bass for about 6 years, I want to take that next leap into a 6 string. I've gone around to several shops and played several of the big names as well as the big big names.

: I think I narrowed down my search to 2 basses.
: A Peavey Cirrus 6: 1,699 Brand New with Case...bla bla bla. I was really surprised to like the sound and feel of this particular bass. I never really even considered a Peavey until I tried this one out and I was plesantly surprsied. I wanted to know if any of you have this bass, what combination of wood should I get for my bass or if you have this bass any reason that I shouldn't get it.
: A Ibanez Soundgear 3006ESOL: I still haven't found a shop with one of these in there. Supposedly these basses now come with Bartolini Pickups and Elixor strings. I played some of the other Soundgear basses in one store and wasn't impressed with the sound all that much because of the floppy B, but the playability was pretty good. And I've heard that this bass is really above par for an Ibanez. Its apart of the Prestige series. I think I can get this one anywhere from $935-$1119 Brand New. Again, if anyone has this bass and could tell me if they are satisfied or not satisfied, i'd appreciate it. Again, I still haven't found anywhere that carries this particular bass, so I'm going in blind.

: If you are wondering why I'm not listing the likes of Warwicks, Modulus, Ken Smith, Lakland, Pedulla, Tobias, Yamaha...etc

: I tried a lot of them. The Warwicks are really heavey. I know because of my Thumb 5 and the Thumb 6 is nice, but I think I'm ready to move out of Warwicks. Modulus sound really nice, but I actually think the graphite neck hinders my ability to play, unless my hands are really sweaty. And I think I'm more in love with the reputation of having a "Modulus Quantum" bass, then really liking the sound and ability. But I think if I were to pu another bass up here it would be a Modulus as a third place. The Ken Smith's are just too damn expensive and I didn't like them too much anyway. The Laklands didn't play well and I didn't really like the way they sounded, but they are gorgeous looking basses. Tobias are nice, Pedullas are Nice, but I just haven't found one that I really like and to me, they are just "Nice"...Yamaha's...I couldn't find any of the high end oh well.

: Well Fellas and Ladies, I'd appreciate your help.

Peavey Cirrus 6 is one of the most beautiful basses, but I haven't ever played one (just seen Bill "The Buddha" Dickens play it) nor have I played a 3006ESOL so I can't really help you with your situation. BUT before you damn me to be completely useless :) I would like to say why I posted a follow-up: You said you haven't had a chance to try Yamahas, which I think is such a shame as I consider Yamahas to be one of the greatest if not THE greatest. Especcially the TRP-6II model (which I have)!! So I encourage you to find just that before you deside on the bass you want. Of course I don't know what you are looking for in a bass, but I have found this to be the one for me.


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