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Finger Injury/Wierdness Question

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Posted by Bri ( on April 10, 2003 at 13:55:59:

Ok, here's the deal, bear with me on this.

I've been playing electric for about 14 years. I considered myself pretty early on to be rather advanced, and I consistantly practiced a variety of tehcniques regularly. I had an injury 4 years ago, where something metal crashed into my right index finger, while it was not broken, it was gashed and required a few stitches, right at the knuckle area. After it healed, it was business as usual and I got right back into playing, and continued to improve. About a year ago, I woke up one morning with some pretty intense pain in that exact area. I stayed off it for quite some time, and while the pain went away... some serious wierdness started to happen. My right index now acts completely useless almost, as if totally untrained. My right hand figering has taken a complete shit, so to speak, for things I've been effortlessly doing for years now simply don't work out. The pain comes and goes, and the knuckle seems to like popping all the time of it's own volition. I was pretty developed using Index, Middle and Ring, so I've tried to compensate by fingering/picking nearly everything with just my middle and ring fingers. While this works out to a degree, I'm still playing at about 40% of what I did before this happened. In addition, concentrating on just middle and ring seems to have made it worse, in terms of the index. It now likes to fold back, so to speak. I have been unable to see any Physician about this as of yet, so I figured I'd ask if anybody has even HEARD of anything like this before. Any information whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.


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