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Re: Corts?

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Posted by Steve ( on May 29, 2003 at 12:59:13:

In Reply to: Corts? posted by Ali on May 28, 2003 at 21:19:43:

: I found a neat-o Cort Curbow 4-string at a shop today. I played it and I totally dug how it played and sounded and such. It was darn cheap, too! I guess it was consigned or something. But anyway. I was completely sold on it until my friend, who was the voice of reason, mentioned the fact that the pickup was totally weird (some kind of Bartolini) and all complex and that it would prolly be a real pain in the arse to get it fixed if anything bad should happen to it.
: So, basically I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about these basses that can explain to me how they work electronically, if it'd be easy to fix, etc. I was also wondering what was up with the luthite body. Is luthite better than wood? In what ways is it bad? I'm basically clueless on this type of bass... I'm generally the more type of traditional person, but man did that thing play like butter... It's a matter of me getting either that or an Epiphone Explorer bass in the same price range... Yeah yeah. Explorers aren't that traditional, but oh man was that thing hot. Anyway. Yeah.

HEY MAN: I can answser your question in regards to the Cort Curbow. I have a Cort Curbow 6.
There are two possible configurations as to what your bass may be like.

1.) It has a Mighty-Mite Pickup and Pre-Amp (Which was the case for the Cort Curbow's in production about 3-5 years ago)


2>) you will be getting a newer one, which sounds like this is the case. These pickups are Bartolini (great company, with good reputation) MK-1 pickups. These pickups are made for Korean made basses usually. They are found in Cort-Curbows and certain Laklands. The pre-amp is a Bartolini MK-1 Pre-Amp as well. Which means you have Bartolini electronics running through your bass guitar. (Always a great sales point).
However, if you should have a problem with the pickups going bad, there are a variety of solutions that you can go with.
1.) You can get a replacement MK-1 Pickup available either through Greg Curbow (, contacting CORT which has a link off of curbow's page, or you can contact Bartolini and talk to Bill Bartolini himself. You can get the replacement pickup or pre-amp for it and I don't think it cost "Too" much considering that these pickups and pre-amps are at the lower end of the Bartolini price spectrum. That brings us to your next option.
2.) You could replace the bartolini pickup and/or preamp with American Bartolini electronics. For this, I believe you must contact Greg Curbow for him to send you the parts. You have to call him because the famous Luthier takes AGES literally AGES to get back to you on E-mail. Hope that helps.


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