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Posted by PickPunk ( on July 20, 2003 at 19:19:54:

hey all,
i'm writing this because i'm thinking of buying an sx p-bass copy off ebay but i just realized i know absolutely nothing about them.
the model number is SPB 57. its got a black finish white p-bass pickguard and maple neck and fingerboard. as far as shape goes it looks like a p-bass aside form the decals on the headstock. the reason i want this is bcuz 1. its cheap (153.59 canadian) 2. i have a weird fetish for maple fingerboards 3. i was gonna save up for an american fender but that could take a looong while and i want a more trad style easy to use bass along with my ibanez sr300dx.
the seller is a guy called kurt zentmaier. he aparently runs the mail-order/e-bay part of this store called rondo music. he's got 99.7 % positive feedback out of 3361 sales.
if anyone has ordered one of these basses from him on ebay your feedback will be super appreciated. i need to know more about my musical investments than just what color they are and since this is ebay i'm a little skeptical about not being able to play this instrument before i buy it. i really like the p-bass tone and from what i've heard this bass has it for a fraction of the price of a standard MIM p-bass, and a maple board!! (mmmmmm maple) so PULLL-EEEEEZZ anyone at all who has any experience with the p-bass copies from SX (preferably someone who ordered from ebay) give me the feedback.
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR8 appreciation from anyone who can help.
thx, pickpunk

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