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Ibanez or Epiphone??

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Posted by PickPunk ( on November 11, 2003 at 19:40:52:

ok kids here's the dilly yo yo' (hehe i love talking like a rapper),
Alright so i'm thinking of buying a new bass and having trouble on my decision.I've narrowed it down to either the Epiphone goth t-bird (or standard t-bird but preferably goth) or the Ibanez SRX300. My decision is conflicted upon electronics. The t-bird of course is completely passive with sepearate volume for each pickup and a master tone control and passive pick-ups. The benefits this presents are ease of use and no need for battery changes. The disadvantages are lack in tonal flexibility (although i've heard those 3 controls can provide a lot of variety). Now on to the Ibanez. It has 2 passive humbuckers (much like the t-bird) but it has an active 2-band eq with volume, pickup balance, bass, treble.Benefits=major tonal flexibility. Disadvatages=slightly more complicated to use and the since its active it needs a battery. then there's the bodies, i'm leaning toward the ibanez for familiarity (i have an ibanez sr300dx (same body and neck as the srx series from what i understand)), but then the t-bird just looks SO DAMN COOL!!!
Please note, i'm not absolutely sure that i'm going to buy either bass at all and i'm writing this letter merely to get some input from players who have experienced either bass or have more knowledge of either bass to share. Please don't tell me to go with what i feel comfortable with because i know that already and if i buy either bass i will go with what i'm comfortable with, i just want to know what to expect from each bass before hand so i can get some perspective.
thanx in advance, your friendly neighbourhood Pick Punk

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