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what amp do i buy?

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Posted by A ( on January 09, 2004 at 06:09:53:

A couple of years ago I bought a Laney amp (combo, 60 watt, 1x15) which does everything i need it to, but I want something...bigger.

If I do buy an amp then I dont want to buy another for a long time after, so it has to be fairly powerful, and loud enough for live purposes.

My basses are both active so I play with the bass and middle boosted and the treble cut. I add a little bass on my amp and cut some of the middle there too. I like a nice thick funky tone (I play 67-75 rock, grunge and soft rock), and although it isnt too heavy I would be screwed if my Laney amp didn't have a competent compressor!

Thing is, I dont know a thing about amps. I know what i like the sound of, but nothing of the technology behind it.

However, I have been wanting to buy an Ashdown for a while now. Of all the amps I have played through (enough for a half informed opinion) they have to be my favourite. They just have tone i am looking for, and the sub harmonic drive sounds fantastic (and besides, they look good too!).

I wanted to buy an ABM combo. I want 10" speakers and about 250-350 watts o' power so I decided to buy the ABM C210 EVO 300. The problem is it costs so damned much! I appreciate the fact that they are great amps and will last a hell of a long time, but they still set you back quite a lot of dough.

So, I have come up with about three alternate choices.
1) Buy an Ashdown EB 180 head instead and a cheaper 2x10 cab
2) Look at a cheaper manufacturer (some carvin amps sounded good)
3) ignore all the above and buy the Ashdown Mag 300 2x10.

I dont really want to spend any more then 600 (about $1000)...and i love ashdown bass amps...i think you knew that already though.!

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