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Posted by Doug ( on March 07, 2004 at 06:36:25:

In Reply to: Re: fretting styles, thumbs, & . . posted by Datsgor on March 05, 2004 at 19:35:54:

: : I'm learning from books (not the best way I know) and they all teach "1st finger first fret, second finger second fret . . . 4th fret" and this is a commom style I see.
: : I once read of another fingering, 'Similan' or something like that, used by upright bassists.
: : Lately I've seen a few well known bassists with their thumb wrapped round the neck. What are they doing?
: : Is there more than the one standard fretting method that is valid for electric basses?
: : AND
: : When I practice exercises I use the 1st - 4th fingers ok but when I get focused on playing I tend to use two or three fingers and slide up and down the neck a lot. Is this bad? Should I try to subdue my natural movements?
: : I have special trouble above the ninth fret because the neck is wider than my small finger from that point.
: : Most 'famous' bassists seem to have extra long fingers.
: : Thanks,
: : Doug

: Doug...... Bad Doug, seriously though. Traditionally, proper fretting hand position is thumb behind neck and all four fingers. You are only hindering your progress if you favor a week finger by not using it. Train with proper technique and you will be a happy bassist. After that, you will play the bass the way you are going to play, but you will be able to play much better if you stick the the hard stuff in the beginning and not cut the corners.
Peace, Dat

Damn - back to the practice board!! but thanks for the advice.
That infers a fixed position when playing - so if I'm playing something in, say, A flat, then should I anchor to the E string fourth fret, and work the scale up (and down)(EAD strings) from there? Is that how bass playing works (sorry to be so naive, the books don't mention this at all).
Appreciate your help,

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