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Re: 5 string, 6 string, 7 string, 8 string, 9 string etc. etc. Bass? OH REALLY?

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Posted by Chris Guerre on December 03, 2002 at 11:05:34:

In Reply to: Re: 5 string, 6 string, 7 string, 8 string, 9 string etc. etc. Bass? OH REALLY? posted by ed criss on June 02, 2000 at 17:30:26:

A Bass, is a bass, is a bass. Upright electric, Upright acoustic,
Eelctric 4-5-6-7 string and so-on. No matter what it looks like, how many
strings, whatever. If I could strap a harp across my chest and call it a bass,
I would. It's like chosing a political party, Pro-Choice/Pro-life,
It's a fucking matter of opinion. Who cares what you think, especially if
your going to be as close-minded as your are being with the issue at hand.
Miles Davis: Look how he expanded the horrizons of Jazz by introducing
electric instruments to the scene. What are you Jazz purists? Do you think
that good music can only be played on acoustic instruments? Have you ever
even played a double-bass? I have, It's twice the work. Can you play Arco?
I'd love to see you try. In a Silent Way, Bitches Brew, Return to Forever,
definetly all in the top 100 best albums ever released. (Again based on someone's "OPINION"). All-electric oriented albums. Stanley Clarke
would have never been able to put his fabulous chops at ease through
use of an electric; Yet alone, hook a talkbox up to it. I guess it's just
what he felt like doing. See what I'm getting at? Jon Luc Ponty:
Is he a fool for inventing an electric 5-string Violin? Granted he's the prodigy of one of the world's great musicians, "The Man with the Violin"
Mr. Stephane Grapelli; Who did play an acoustic Violin.

Don't get me all wrong, I love music of all genre. One cannot be critisized
because of a "how many stringed instrument" he or she plays. But one can be critical of somone who has no potential for growth/New concepts.
Who cares If vibrations of a metal string are piked up through a magnet or
the diaphram of a microphone. Or if wind traveling through a flute or
or horn is picked up through a mic or just resonating naturally.
Obviously you do. It makes no difference, it's all music. The universal
language (Math is involved). Which makes it even more universal.

In the late-teen centuries, A couple of clasical composers fooled around
with the idea of composing music, using more than a 12-Tone scale row.
Using notes in between existing notes. Close-minded people ruled out that idea too. Microtonal Music. futureman (A.K.A. Roy Wooten) Sythesized a machine using
all the atomic numbers in the periodic table of elements to create the
Synth axe drumitar, totaly new concept. It looks like a crazy guitar
with buttons all over it, on which are letters of the alphabet. He types in phrases in the heat of improvisation. In between each note of the 12-tone scale row are 7 extra notes That can be achieved. He plays the drums on his creation.
He also get's other musical notes and capabilities along with it. already a thriving jazz percussionist. He actually claims to be from the year 2050. I would'nt doubt it. Bob Moog helped him make it. truly ground-breaking He plays
with Bela Fleck, Oh wait Bela plays an electric banjo and an acoustic
he's pretty open. Jeff Coffin, He can play two saxes at once! Not to mention Victor Wooten, Plays with 2 capos. Unconventional? Hmmm. Are you going to bam him no too. Check out "Live Art" (Clever name)Bella Fleck and the Flecktones.
A group that takes the worlds music and composes songs from the big melting pot
of music the world has to offer.

I play a six string bass, It has range, so does Prince. Is he a fool?
I could also play a one string bass, but hey that's boring as hell. Too much work. Let music do what it does. If you think the use of electric or acoustic
instruments is such an important factor, than Why don't YOU make a statement with an Electric or Acoustic, However many strings, valves, keys, etc. Instrument of your own choice, without throwing such a close-minded, narrow,
thoughtless statement out on the internet for the whole world and me to see.

Yours truly, 6-String and potential Perpendicular strap-on harp player out
there making his statement with his own band of unconventualality Bass Player.

Chris Guerre.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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