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Re: fretless basses

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Posted by Mickster on February 01, 2001 at 16:24:44:

In Reply to: Re: fretless basses posted by Datsgor on February 01, 2001 at 08:53:53:

: : : I was wondering if you knew anything about if it affects the fretboard if you were to put the regular strings on a bass. I think they are called roundwound. Because when you play a fretted bass, the string never really touches the fretboard. It usually rests in the middle of both frets. So I was wondering if it would make grooves in the fretboard aver a period of time. I was also wondering if Jaco Pastorius was the(pioneer) person who invented the fretless bass. I have not heard anything about a fretless bass before he came around and made his style. thanks, matt

: : Matt, according to Bass Player mag, they tested an Ibanez fretless 5 string
: : a while back, and with roundwounds on it, they noted: We noticed some scoring
: : of the fingerboard already. I don't remember which issue, but, without frets
: : to rest against, there's nothing protecting the wood from the semi-saw like
: : edges of roundwound strings. I know some guys use 'em, but I don't. I don't
: : know what Jaco used. In the end, it's up to you, but why would anyone put
: : their fingerboard at risk?

: : Mickster

: Jaco was the pioneer of putting roundwound strings on a fretless bass. Personally, I don,t think he set out to do it persay, but that it was simply the set of strings he left on the bass after pulling the frets out. Anyway, that is THE Jaco sound. Roundwounds on the fretless. Jaco had something to do with his sound too....but, before him, the standard was flatwounds. I use roundwounds on my ebony board...woud'nt have it any other way! It's bare wood, I throw some lemon oil on it once in a while, and after two years, the GROOVES are hardly noticable. But when it does get too bad, I will simply sand the fretboard a little and the grooves will be gone.(don't sand your fret board unless you have a block of wood cut to the radius of your fretboard) um well, that's all.....peace........john

Hey Dat, two years and they're hardly noticeable is wild. I have flats on my Jazz, but, mainly for the sound. In the Bass Player review(I'll find it tonight)
they made it sound as though the roundwounds would mess up the fingerboard
right away. I also didn't know what Jaco used; guess I gotta go back to bass
legends school. Thanks for the info.


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