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Posted by Asbestos Man on February 03, 2001 at 08:39:09:

In Reply to: Two Questions posted by Mikey on February 03, 2001 at 00:05:35:

: Question #1 - I bought a used bass from a local guitar shop and it is equipped with "active electronics." Could someone give me a simple answer as to what "active electronics" are?
: Question #2 - Is string height the same for all basses or is it different for each model? When I say "string height" I'm referring to the distance between the string and the pickup or fret. (I don't know the correct terms for anything yet)

1 - Active electronics gives a boost to the signal before it leave the bass, and often give more EQ options on the actual bass. It also means the bass needs a battery. This is not to be confused with active pickups, which do pretty much exactly the same. Don't leave an active bass plugged in, it'll run the battery down sooner.

2 - String height above the fretboard (called "action") is not only different for every bass model, it's different for every bass! A higher action makes the bass harder to play. It is adjustable in two places
- the truss rod, which straightens/bends the neck. This is to prevent string buzz from the string hitting any frets between the spot it's fretted at and the bridge.
- the bridge, "It's the bit that holds the strings to the bass". The seperate saddles for the strings can usually be adjusted up and down, as well as many other directions. This will, obviously, lower or raise the action.

I've probably used some terminology you don't understand. - don't worry. Look up heaps of bass sites and just keep reading it, it'll sink in. That's how I learned about the anatomy of a bass.

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