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Posted by Mickster on February 05, 2001 at 12:31:00:

In Reply to: Re: Surveys... posted by Marlon on February 02, 2001 at 18:55:48:

: : At another bass site I stumbled upon,(Robby forgive me) a survey they had said

: : that 80% of bass players thought that Fender basses were the best. What the

: : survey didn't include, but, I found out is:

: : 9 out of 10 Ducks surveyed said they didn't mind a rainey day.

: : They actually liked fowl weather.

: : 10 out of 10 killer whales said they had never been to Wales.(Cardiff?)

: : 10 out of 10 airline pilots admitted that they "get high" on the job.

: : 7 out of 10 people who read the menu at the diner asked: If I have the

: : chef's salad, what's he going to eat?(Same with Shepherd's pie)

: : 1 out of 1 Micksters is quitting while he's ahead.

: : Good weekend all,

: : Mickster

: Mickster, I hope you were joking about that survey...No disrespect to Fender, but

: Been there Done That! I have owned Fenders J and P, Gibsons, a Rick 4001 among

: others. I now have an inexpensive Samick fretless and one custom DP bass with an

: Alembic P/J setup and electronics and another DP custom with a Bartolini J and

: Musicman style pick ups with Bartolini electronics. And I am the happiest

: Bass Player on the planet. I wouldnever go back to Fenders. Now I started

: playing in the early seventies when Fenderwas pretty much IT. But these days

: there are many many basses "better" than Fender in the same price range. Personally

: I think the company went downhill after Leo left anyway. But all of this is just

: one man's opinion.

Hey Marlon, what's up?

My jokes are corny I know, but, that survey is real. I will now tell you, and
whoever else is interested how to get there.

1) Go to Bass Northwest's site:
2) After you enter their site, go to Bass fun links
3) Now there's A LOT of sites here; scroll almost all the way to the end, and
you'll see TW's Bass Talk 4th from the bottom. Click on this site, then where
you're given a choice of topics, click on: Basses. The survey is pretty far down in this option, but it's there. You can vote yourself, then it gives you
the results.

Again, it's just a survey, but, I(and I think the World) agrees with you about Fender going downhill after Master Leo sold it. They have redeemed themselves
as of late, but, there are so many other quality bass manufacturers out there
now that Fender no longer has the strangle hold on the market it did up to the 80s or so.

Be on you guard. My horrible jokes may attack at any time!

Talk later,

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