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Re: Fretless Bass with Fret Markers....

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Posted by thumper on February 10, 2001 at 21:23:01:

In Reply to: Fretless Bass with Fret Markers.... posted by DDazey on February 08, 2001 at 13:40:08:

: Hello,

: I am new to this forum, just found it the other day and its great to see Bass players talking bass!

: I recently purchased a Carvin 5 string Fretless that I am real happy with. I already own a 4 string fretless that has no fret markers so I was use to that, but when I got my 5 string, it seems that the fret lines are not lined up properly. Let me explain.

: On a fretted instrument, when you press down, its the exact point from the fret to the bridge that makes the sound. So when I started playing my fretless I expected to place my finger right behind the fretline so the very edge of my finger would be resting on the fretline causing the note to resonate from the fretline location to the bridge. But I've found I have to actually place my finger on the fretline where the fretline is nearly dead center in the middle of my finger, therefore it seems to me that the edge of my finger that is making contact with the neck is above the fretline and doesn't seem right to me. Does that make sense?

: Sure I can adjust my fingering to accomodate this since it is a fretless bass, but it seems to me that some bridge adjustment is in order on my bass. I wanted to see what other fretless players thought about the placement of fretlines on a fretless neck. Also, if I should be placing my finger as I describe above (right behind the fret) then will I be able to correct it with a bridge adjustment?

: Thanks
: DDazey

Although there is no "standard," the fretlines are normally located exactly where the frets would be. In fact, the first "fretlines" were created by filling in the fret slots after pulling the frets on a fretted instrument. There are all kinds of ways of setting instruments up, including playing with the strings upside down, so nothing is Gospel; except maybe Aretha. However, my 2c is to intonate the instrument so that the harmonics are exactly in tune with the string stopped right on top of the 12th fret line. When you stop the string, the witness point of contact with the fingerboard occurs at the point of greatest force in the center of your finger, not the edge of your finger. That's physics, isn't Nature wonderful? Should you choose alternate intonation, your intonation will be increasingly modified as you go up the neck; making playing in tune much more difficult. Nope, intonate normally and finger directly on top of the lines.

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