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Job?...What Job?

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Posted by Datsgor on February 13, 2001 at 13:25:16:

In Reply to: Work, work, work do you guys deal with it? posted by El Pájaro on February 13, 2001 at 07:09:00:

: Hey there,
: Like many of you, I don't play bass in a professional level. I don't mean I don't have a "professional" attitude towards music (you bet!), but I do have to rely in another activity (in my case, law practice) to make my living.
: Day jobs can be time- and effort-consuming (in my case, sometimes to a sickening degree), leave little to no time for practicing, learning, playing and writing music, sometimes all you can do after you come back home is burn out and watch some soccer game on TV.
: It is my guess that some of you went through the same sh*t at any given time, so my question is, how do you live with it? I mean, sometimes there's something or someone (hey Scott you know this one's about you buddy!) to remind me how much joy it is to play bass and make music, but still...
: How do you find a way around this problem? What motivates you to keep learning, studying, playing, writing music when it doesn't represent your main income and you can't devote as much time as you'd like to it? How do you feed the sacred fire? How do you stay focused? What inspires you to go a little further every day?
: Any thoughts you'd like to share with your bruddas and sistas? Thanks in advance and, as always, buena suerte and keep those basses way up front in the mix,

: El Pájaro

Reality wise...I drive a gasoline tanker at night. 6pm to 5am. That kind of kills any possability of gigging out. But, I am in a band and they said they would work with me and only gig on my days off. We will see. My real inspiration is my home studio. I play and record when I want. I get the ideas while driving the truck....put them on a little tape recorder I carry with me and then get home and eventually(maybe)make a song out of em. Recently though, I hooked up with this guy I met in music class at college(oh yea, I am going back to college for a music degree). Talk about inspiration, this guy can, really, I mean sing. He's been singing in a gospel church since he was 8. This opens up a whole world of possabilities. This is turning all my songs into something that actually has meaning, listening ability, it makes them pleasant, pleasing to the ear. well, that's my story.....peace.

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