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Thanks Mickster, eloquent and informative!

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Posted by Blisshead on February 23, 2001 at 14:30:02:

In Reply to: Re: OHMsssssssssssssss posted by Mickster on February 23, 2001 at 12:18:46:

: : : I Currently have an Eden WT-300 Traveler head (4 ohms) and an old (but kick ass) 8 Ohm Trace 4x10 Cabinet. I have found a 2x10 to go on top of that and it is ALSO 8 ohms. I get very confused on the OHM issue. What kind of problems am I looking at. And Any suggestions on how to get around them.

: : : Thanks
: : : Deago


: :
: : Correct me if I'm wrong here but as both cabinets will be 4 ohms they will get equal amount of power into both of them and as one cabinet has twice as many speakers won't the other cabinet's speakers have to move twice as hard.
: : To make my point more understandable. Here's an example.
: : Lets feed 200 watts to the cabinets.
: : 100W into the 4x10" - one speaker will get 25W
: : 100W into the 2x10" - one speaker will get 50W

: : When the 2x10" is at the maximum power it can handle, the 4x10" will be only using half of its capabilities. This way you won't get any more power out.

: : Something to think about,
: : Dave Wood

: Dave, when an amp is powering two cabinets of the same ohm rating, it doesn't
: matter how many speakers are in the cabinet, just the ohm rating. For example,
: an amplifier which has a minimum ohm rating of 4 ohms, can power one 4 ohm cabinet, or two 8 ohm cabinets. It doesn't matter if one of the 8 ohm cabs is
: a 4x10, and the other is a 1x15, the main thing that matters is that they're
: both 8 ohm cabinets. The amplifier only *sees* the ohm resistance, not the number of speakers which make up that cabinet. Think of it like paying a toll
: on a road. It doesn't matter if you're alone in your car, or you have four passengers with you; the toll is the same for each car that passes through the toll booth. Getting back to the cabinets, all things being equal, the 4x10 cab
: will sound louder than the 2x10 cab simply because the 4x10 cab has more speaker
: cone area responding to the same wattage. Now, if the 2x10 cabinet has vastly
: more efficient speakers in a perfectly ported cabinet, then the 2x10 cab could
: produce a higher decibel level; again this is the exception, and not the rule.
: It's the same as assuming that four men will have more collective strength to lift an object than two men; true most of the time, but, not all the time.
: To sum this all up, there's theory and practice. Sometimes a bigger amp doesn't
: sound as loud or as good as a smaller amp.

: The strongest doesn't always win the fight, nor, the fastest the race, but, that's how you bet.--- I forgot who said this originally, but, it wasn't me.

: Hope this helped,
: Mickster

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