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Re: Six and seven strng basses

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Posted by JDP on February 25, 2001 at 14:52:42:

In Reply to: Re: Six and seven strng basses posted by josh on February 24, 2001 at 18:50:43:

Hi, all! 8 string basses (mostly) are just like a 12 string guitar. You have 2 strings with the same note only 1 octave apart. In visual terms an 8 string bass is tuned EE AA DD GG It just gives you a bigger (or different if you like) sound. Same with a 12 string bass. EEE AAA DDD GGG In this case you have the root, octave and 2nd octave. Again this is just sheer 'wall of sound' usage. A 7 string bass (usually) adds either a high F or a low F#. I have seem them both ways. As far as Vic is concerned he plays 4-5 and 6 strings. However, he uses the 4 string for most of his double pluck, double thumb, Open Hammer Pluck techniques as they need quite wide string spacing to accomodate the slapping and plucking. He plays mostly fingerstyle on the 5's and 6's as he doesn't use a 'wide 5 or 6' spaced neck to my knowledge. Hope this helps! JDP

: What strings do seven and eight strings add anyway....? I've never played one and don't plan to---it seems a bit outrageous.

: : : Hi, I just want a few opinions on this...
: : : I noticed that a lot of bass players object to the six or seven string basses.
: : : Personally, I think they're great for soloing. However, I also know that it is easy to step
: : : away form your job as a bass player in a band using the higher strings.
: : : This leads to the next question (I just want opnions): Why do you think Victor Wooten
: : : only plays on four strings? Is his technique harder on a six or seven string?

: : Hey, I think Victor only uses 4 strings (exclusivly?...really? he does'nt play anything else?) because he knows that 4 strings is all you need. 4 strings are a beautiful thing. I bought a 6 string a while ago. Like you said, its great for just ordered some new strings fot it......I am going to string it F#, B, E, A, D, G and see what that does for the peaples feet. I think I am delving into the rediculous but, so what. F#.....geez........peace.......John

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