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Posted by Mickster on March 23, 2001 at 17:15:24:

In Reply to: heads posted by Will on March 23, 2001 at 14:56:46:

: What are some good heads out there from about 200-350 watts? Any brands that you prefer over others? Im looking for a good warm low end sound and a decent amount of EQ. Just looking for ideas, Thanks

Hey Will what's up? I'll only recommend the two brands I know well, Fender and
Hartke. Now, understand, I haven't played through their separate heads, only
their combos which I'll list below, but, from playing through differnt combos
the sound just got louder as the power went up.

Fender: A very warm, traditional uncolored sound. Whatever bass you play through
one of these, it will come through with it's own individual character. The new
Bassman series sounds pretty close to the 60s Fender amps. These will give you
that "Beach Boys or Motown" sound. I own a Bassman 60. 60 watts and a very warm, round sounding amp.If you take all the midrange out, it gives an almost
upright type tone.(depending on which bass you're using)

Hartke: A brighter, more funky sounding amp. Excellent for slapping. It can sound warm too, but brightness is its more apparent virtue. Compared to Fender, I think its got more of a contemporary sound.

Amps I've played through: Fender Bassman 25
Bassman 60
Bassman 100
Bassman 200
All these amps sounded pretty much the same, the volume just increased.

Hartke: Kickback 12 120 watts
Kickback 15 120 watts
Both sounded pretty much the same, except the 15 was a little louder and fuller.

These are amps I've played through for at least an hour, so I can honestly say
that I've checked them out. Others that I've just heard in bars/clubs that sounded good were: Gallien-Kruger and Carvin.

Usually the separate heads sound the same as the combos except if you use another manufacturers bottom.

Hope this helped,

P.S. Fender makes the Bassman 400 --- 375 watts @ 4ohms
Hartke makes about four heads that start at 240 and go to about 400 watts.

Try: Just to look.

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