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Re: dumbest questions you ever read about fretless bass

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Posted by Kyle on March 30, 2001 at 17:43:36:

In Reply to: Re: dumbest questions you ever read about fretless bass posted by Mickster on February 02, 2001 at 17:01:16:

: : hello

: : i've got some dumbass questions about fretless electric basses...

: : - is the main purpose of fretless basses just to get a more upright bass tone?

: : - would buying a fretless bass that has fretlines on the fingerboard be considered "cheating"?

: : - what would be the best/strongest fingerboard wood used on a fretless bass if you were going to use roundwounds instead of flatwounds? (I've read that roundwounds can really destroy a fretless fingerboard)

: :
: : .......thanks for your help on this,

: : scott

: Hey Scott, What's up? I agree with El Pajaro 100%. Also, as Bob(Skippy) said in
: a posting a few days ago, the main reason fretless basses were created was to
: make the transition to electric bass easier for an upright player. Think about it: If you've learned/played all your life on an upright bass and now you're
: going to try to play a fretted instrument, the fets just get in the way. They
: also stifle any creativity. If, on the other hand you're coming over from guitar, a bass guitar is just that; a longer scale guitar with a deeper voice,
: but not foreign at all to play. As far as calling fretlines "cheating", that's
: a matter of opinion. O.K. it does make it alot easier to play fretless(I can
: testify to that) but, you still are playing a fretless instrument, producing
: the "fretless sound". A purist might argue that you're still approaching the
: bass from the guitar point of view, and, not playing by position and/or ear,
: but, if you talk to other bassists, some of them still don't accept the bass
: guitar as a valid instrument at all. I've spoken to some Jazz players, and when
: I say I play bass, once they find out I'm talking about a fretless bass guitar,
: they look at me like what you're playing with is a toy. As I've said before,
: everyone should stop worrying about what bass you have, how much it cost, or
: whom you've studied with; just take people for what they are, and let his/her
: playing tell you how good they are. We all have that comparison thing within us.
: If someone plays a lined fretless much better than someone else who's neck is unlined, do we say the first person is really faking it? I guess it's
: just the challenge. Do you want to play in front of people and see them dance,
: or do you want to sit in your room with a metronome and know that you have
: perfect pitch? I choose the dancing, and the intoxicated ladies.

: My advise, humbly offered, get fretlines.

: Good Weekend to all,
: Mickster

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