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Re: question about amp wattage

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Posted by Dave Wood on April 10, 2001 at 04:20:58:

In Reply to: question about amp wattage posted by glenn on April 09, 2001 at 15:01:40:

: I'm a bassist in a death metal band with a double-bass drummer and 2 other guitarists. each guitarist has a pair of 100w all-tube heads driving four 4x12 cabs. needless to say, they play loud. with the loud distorted guitars and our heavy-hitting drummer with bright cymbals, my bass is getting buried when we jam and play live

: right now I'm using an Ashley mosfet bass preamp, an AB Systems 500w solid-state power amp, and a pair of DeCuir 4x12 bass cabs loaded with Cerwin-Vega bass drivers. what are your opinions on this rig? what type of improvements could I make to help bring my bass from under the guitar onslaught?

: I'm really happy with the tone that I get. I play with a pick on flatwounds and get an awesome fat tone that's really warm despite there being no tubes in any of my gear. would a more powerful power amp and different cabs be the answer? or should I scrap my rig and start over?

: one thing- I know that it's unusual for a metal bassist to be using flatwounds, but like I said, I play with a pick, and I absolutely hate the sound of a pick on roundwounds. it's too clangy and harsh for my ears. I do pump up the treble on my Ashley preamp to give me some presence, but I think my problem lies in power and volume. what do you think?

: thanks for your help on this...glenn

Double your gear and double them again maybe just maybe you'll be heard then. Guitars have lots of midrange which is easy for the amps/cabinets to produce and it's a frequency we can all hear well (you know that already). With bass I've noticed that four times the size of the guitar gear is rather good depending a lot on the sound you like, I prefer less midrange.

Dave Wood

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