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amp wattage...thanks!

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Posted by glenn on April 11, 2001 at 15:27:27:

thanks for your helpful replies to my post below!

I've tried every EQ variation you can think to no avail; it seemed my problem came down to volume and power. thankfully, I solved it...with a big bite in my savings, however :)

on a whim, I went down to Mesa/Boogie's outlet store near my home (in LA) and tried out their various bass amps and cabs and liked what I heard. I've never been a "tube guy" but the Mesa Bass 400+ head sounds INCREDIBLE. it's "only" 500 watts, but it sounds 20 times louder than my 500w transistor AB power amp! (why do tube amps "sound" louder than ss?) the 400+ also has unbelievable cut and definition. it makes my flatwounds really sing with an emphasized bottom punch like I've never heard before. so I scrapped my old rig and bought this Mesa amp. I played it safe and bought 2 of these heads and four cabs. the cabs are Mesa's Powerhouse 1000 models. they have a 10-inch driver in each corner with a 15-incher in the middle, as well as horn. my band jammed this morning and using just ONE 400+ head and ONE Powerhouse 1000 cab I was easily able to cut through the guitar distortion and cymbal wash. couldn't believe my ears. the guitarists and drummer were shocked as well. the real test will come at our live gig next week. but with 2 heads and 4 cabs, I think I have plenty of reserve power

thanks again!

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